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Rubbish Removal or Garbage Disposal - Wollongong

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If you need heavy duty rubbish removal in Wollongong and surrounds (Austinmer to Kiama), Port Skips have got you covered. With a variety of skip bin sizes available for hire, we provide convenient, affordable rubbish removal for house and yard cleanups, renovations and more. Or, if the cleanup is too much for you to do yourself, we can also arrange a professional rubbish removal team on your behalf.

  • A range of waste removal skips available for clear outs, renovations and more
  • Delivered directly to your home or business
  • Great service at affordable prices - call now for a free quote!

Rubbish Removal, the Easy Way

Moving house? Finally tidying up the yard, or clearing out that garage full of old junk? If you’re planning a major cleanout, hiring a skip bin in advance will save you time and money over handling your own rubbish removal. There’s no need to worry about taking trailer loads to the tip when you can toss your unwanted items straight into the skip while you’re sorting, then simply call our driver when you’re done. It couldn’t be easier!

Our skip bins are the ideal choice for home rubbish removal. With room for all your unwanted furniture, white goods, builders waste, green waste and more, there’s no job too big or small! Request same day pickup if you work fast, or keep your bin for up to a week if you have too much work for one day. In cases where you need to hold onto your skip bin for more than 7 days, additional fees will apply. Whatever rubbish you’re getting rid of, you can rely on us to make junk removal simple and convenient.

Don’t want to DIY? We understand that some customers may not have the time or physical capacity to load up a skip bin. If you need someone to do the cleanup for you, save your back by letting us connect you with an on-call rubbish removal service. Whatever your waste removal requirements, we’ll help you pick the best solution for your needs!

Specialty Waste Disposal

As per NSW state and Wollongong council regulations, some items must be disposed of separately from general household rubbish; if you’re planning a cleanout, you may find this list useful in deciding how to handle rubbish disposal. Some items can even be placed in your skip bin, but there are additional costs associated with them, so we’ll ask you to pay a small additional fee – if you don’t want to pay extra, we’ve included some other options for disposing of these items.

For items that can be accepted by Wollongong Council On-Call Household Cleanup service, you can find more details at the council’s website.

Mattress Disposal

  • If you live in the Wollongong local government area, mattresses and ensemble bases (up to eight) can be included in your on-call household cleanup.
  • For those who live outside on-call cleanup area, you can include mattresses in your skip bin for an additional fee.
  • If you need more room in your skip, you may wish to try a recycling service such as Soft Landing as an alternative.

Tyre Disposal

  • If you live in the Wollongong local government area, car and motorbike tyres (up to six) can be included in your on-call household cleanup.
  • If you live outside council cleanup area, or have more than the council will accept, you can place tyres in your skip bin for a small additional fee.
  • You can also take tyres to your local recycling centre.

Rubber-backed carpet or synthetic grass

  • Rubber-backed carpet can be placed in your skip bin, for an additional charge.
  • Facilities which recycle rubber (such as car tyres) may also accept these materials.

Horsehair Plaster

  • Older building plasterboard mixed with horse hair, synthetic fibres or similar materials can be placed in your builder’s waste skip bin for a small additional fee.

Material suspected to contain asbestos

  • We cannot dispose of asbestos, including materials at risk of containing asbestos which have not been certified asbestos-free. There are strict rules about asbestos disposal, so please be aware of safety and legal concerns before working with (or throwing out) this material.
  • The NSW WorkCover website can give you more asbestos information and help you find a licensed asbestos removalist.

Household and hobby chemicals

  • Substances like paints, pool and garden chemicals, cleaning agents, acids, solvents and similar chemicals cannot be placed in your skip bin.
  • Your local council may hold a Household Chemical CleanOut event in your area. It’s best to store household chemicals safely until a clean out is scheduled, or look into specialist disposal services if you can’t wait.
  • Some chemicals, such as oils and paints, can also be dropped off at your local Community Recycling Centre.


  • Batteries of any type cannot be placed in your skip bin.
  • Household and car batteries can be taken to your Community Recycling Centre or to a Household Chemical CleanOut event.
  • Many local business also offer a drop-off bin for batteries, including those in electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops. Look around your local area to find out who will accept these items.

Liquid Waste (including paint tins with wet paint inside)

  • Our skip bins are not suitable for containing liquids.
  • Depending on the substance, most liquid waste can be taken to your Community Recycling Centre or to a Household Chemical CleanOut event.
  • For liquid waste than can’t be taken to council facilities, contact a specialty was removalist.

Biological or medical waste

  • These items cannot be placed in your skip bin.
  • To dispose of these materials, please contact a specialty waste removal service.

In addition to the specific examples above, any other hazardous or environmentally threatening materials are unsuitable for disposal in a skip bin; please contact your local council for instructions on disposing of specific hazardous materials.

If you’re not sure whether your items will be accepted, don’t hesitate to call us and ask! Even if we can’t remove your rubbish ourselves, we’ll give you honest, professional advice on your options, and help get you into contact with appropriate services.

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