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Port Skips: Cheap Skip Bins, Wollongong, 7-day Hire Now!

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Port Skips deliver affordable skip bins across Wollongong and Shellharbour areas

Port Skips provides affordable skip bins for hire in Wollongong, Shellharbour and surrounding areas.

Got a serious cleaning job to do? Port Skips will make it so much easier with their low-cost skip bin hire services. Perfect for moving house, garage clean-out and renovation debris! We cover Wollongong, Shellharbour, and surrounds from Austinmer to Kiama. Throughout the Illawarra, our skip bin hire is just what you need to make waste disposal a breeze!

  • On-site delivery and collection across the Illawarra. All you need to do is fill up the skip bin!
  • Range of sizes and waste types to suit your job.
  • Same-day collection, or keep for up to a week – longer rental also available!
  • Call for a free quote!

Should I rent a skip for my cleanup?

Got a Load of Rubbish?

Whether you’re gearing up for the big move, or finally committing to that long-overdue cleanup, some jobs are just too big for a wheelie bin. If you’re lucky, you might have a trailer available for waste disposal. But it’s likely to cost a lot of time – and tip fees!

When you have a serious load of rubbish to clear out, the affordable solution is to hire a skip bin from Port Skips! Available in various sizes, our skip bins are the perfect choice for cheap bulk waste removal. Prices start at just $290 for up to 7 day hire.

Wollongong and Illawarra residents love our cheap skip bins for DIY jobs like…

  • Household cleanup: We all hold on to things we really shouldn’t. Toss all that clutter in our skip bins, and enjoy having room to move again!
  • Moving house: Don’t waste time moving unwanted items to your new home. Make moving easier by leaving your old junk in a Port Skips bin.
  • Yard cleanup: Everything from cleared brush and landscaping waste, to old outdoor furniture or play equipment. Hire a skip bin and take care of garden rubbish removal in one convenient load.
  • Building or renovating: Whether you’re building up or tearing down, waste is unavoidable. Our skip bins are ideal for builders waste removal, including rubble, lumber, and more.
  • School/community working bee: Planning a community effort to clean up your shared space? You need a community-sized bin. Our easy-to-hire skip bins are up to the task!
  • Commercial property/office clean out: A clean business is an efficient business. Port Skips bins are perfect for commercial waste removal for your Wollongong office or property.

Call Port Skips for efficient, affordable rubbish removal in Wollongong and the Illawarra. No matter what sort of rubbish you need to bin, Port Skips have you covered!

How does hiring a skip bin work?

Our skip hire services aren’t just affordable, they’re also convenient! We deliver skip bins directly to your property, and remove them as soon as you’re done.

Here’s how hiring a skip works:

  1. Plan Your Job: Work out the types of rubbish you have (check our Waste Categories and Restrictions page). Also, get a rough idea of how much waste you have. We can help if you’re not sure!
  2. Give Us a Call: We discuss your job and help you choose the right skip bin. We’ll give you a great value quote, based on your waste types and volume.
  3. Schedule: Choose when we’ll deliver and collect your skip bin. Schedule same-day collection for small jobs, or keep bins up to 7 days at no extra cost. Not long enough? Just ask – we’ll happily quote for a longer rental!
  4. Delivery: We deliver skip bins to your property when you specify. (Make sure there’s room to leave your bin!)
  5. Rubbish Collection: When you're done, we collect your skip bin and dispose of the contents. Too easy!

With our skip bin hire, you have no worries about transport or tipping fees. Just fill it up, and we’ll do the rest!

What skip bin sizes are available?

Don't pay for more than you need!

The two big factors in skip hire cost are waste types, and bin size. That’s why we offer high-capacity skip bins for your big jobs, and small skip hire for minor cleans. You can even hire multiple small skips for different waste types.

Not sure what size skip bin you need? Check below for help choosing the right bin size. Remember, it’s better to order a bigger skip bin, than to find later you need a second one!

3m³ Marrel Skip Bin – Compact/Mini Skip

Just right for a tight budget

  • Dimensions: 2.5m × 1m × 1.6m
  • Equivalent to: About 3 trailer loads / 6 domestic bins
  • Common uses:
    • Small renovations (e.g. bathroom or laundry)
    • Ordinary household cleanup
    • Best for the average house moving or de-cluttering.


4m³ Marrel Skip Bin – Mid-Size Skip

Perfect for a major cleanup, or a shed full of junk!

  • Dimensions: 3.3m × 1m × 1.6m
  • Equivalent to:  About four trailer loads / 12 domestic bins
  • Common Uses:
    • Heavier renovations (e.g. kitchens)
    • Clearing brush
    • Large moving-house cleanup


6m³ Marrel Skip Bin – Large Capacity Skip

For heavy-duty rubbish removal

  • Dimensions: 3.7m × 1.3m × 1.6m
  • Equivalent to: About 6 trailer loads / 24 domestic bins
  • Common Uses:
    • Construction projects
    • Large-scale house / yard cleanup (furniture etc.)
    • Clearing out office / commercial premises


Additional Skip Size Tips

For excavations & demolitions, you can base skip size on the volume being removed. But don’t forget, some materials will be difficult to pack efficiently. To make sure you don’t overload the skip bin, add 30%-50% additional volume.

Do you have multiple types of waste? A skip containing only one waste category (green waste, recyclables, etc.) will cost less than a mixed waste bin. Instead of one big skip, consider renting multiple mini skips for different waste types. Better for the environment, and for your wallet!

Are there any skip hire rules?

To protect our homes and environment, there are important rules surrounding skip bin hire in Wollongong. Before you hire a skip bin, take a moment to get familiar with the info below.

Skip Bin Delivery & Placement

  • Make sure we can access your site. Our loader requires an access path at least 2.5m wide.
  • Skip bins must be placed within the boundary of your property unless you have a council permit. If you’re not sure about the best place for your bin, we are happy to give advice!
  • If you ask us to place skip bins on the footpath or nature strip, you must provide a copy of your council permit. Without a permit, we cannot leave the bin!

Filling your Skip Bin

  • Bins hired for a specific waste category must only contain waste of that type (learn more).
  • Skip bins must not contain any restricted materials (detailed below).
  • You are responsible for everything placed in your skip bin! If passers-by can toss in their garbage, your load might get contaminated. Keep an eye on your skip bin at all times, or place it in a secure area.

Skip Bin Pickup

  • Skip bins must only be filled to the rim. Transporting over-filled skip bins is illegal, and carries heavy fines! Our drivers cannot collect overloaded bins. To avoid a failed pickup charge, make sure that your bin is safe to transport.

What materials can't I place in my skip bin?

There are a number of restricted materials which you cannot place in your skip bin. This is because Wollongong and Illawarra area councils have stringent rules on disposing of certain hazardous items.

These types of rubbish are unsuitable for any skip bin:

  • Material containing (or suspected to contain) asbestos
  • Household chemicals (cleaning, pool, gardening, hobby, etc.)
  • Putrescible waste (food scraps, household garbage, etc.)
  • Biological or medical waste
  • Any other hazardous materials
  • Liquid waste (even in tins or jars)

There will be extra restrictions and allowances for different waste types. For more details, see our page on Waste Categories and Restrictions.

Want answers directly? Call Jimmy on 0478 816 033 to discuss your specific requirements.

What about eco-friendly rubbish recycling and reuse?

Because landfill should be a last resort!

Rest assured that Port Skips dispose of collected waste responsibly, promoting the recovery of useful resources. Wherever possible, we send waste items to recycling centres, composting sites, and other resource recovery facilities.

Want to maximise your eco-friendliness? Choose multiple small skips, and sort your rubbish as you clean. Sorting waste allows the most efficient recovery and re-use of different materials. You’ll also pay a lower price per load than mixed waste, so everybody wins! You can learn more on our Waste Categories and Restrictions page.

How can I make sure I get the best value skip hire in Wollongong?

Port Skips are your best choice for cheap skip bin hire in the Wollongong - Shellharbour area. We're confident you'll be happy with our skip hire prices! Let us impress you with the best waste removal services in the Illawarra area.

From backyard clean-ups to DIY construction projects, you’ll love our quick delivery and friendly service. Call Jimmy on 0478 816 033 for a free quote today. We’ll take a load (of rubbish) off your mind!